How to get surf wax out of your swimwear/surf suit/bikini?

Hello everyone :)!

If you surf as much as we do!... then it is inevitable that you will eventually have wax residue staining your bikini/swimwear/surf suit.

Whenever I surf I always try to rinse out my swimwear/bikini/surf suit with fresh water in the shower then lay them out to dry (indoors would be the best option as the sun can cause colour fade).

Now, the answer we are been waiting for...... what is the best way of getting the surf wax out of your swimwear without damaging them?

All you need is some coconut oil, water, and a little free time.

No need to buy any particularly coconut oil, just some regular ole stuff with work.

Its easy and really quick


All you gotta do is rub the waxy areas gently with the coconut oil using your fingers ( just few drops )…. Then add a little water and PRESTO the wax disappears.

In case your swimwear are made of Econyl (regenerated nylon), you just have to follow the following steps:

Afterwards make sure you wash your suits as you normally do with a normal organic soap and fresh water ( cold water ).

And....that's it   ENJOY IT.